Hollywood, je t'aime

Hollywood, je t'aime

USA, 2009, 95 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drama, Gay
Program: Showcases
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Jason Bushman

Biting Hollywood satire meets a melancholy search for love and acceptance in this sweet and surprising fish-out-of-water film. The story begins in Paris, where our hero Jerome (Eric Debets) is down in the dumps. His ex-boyfriend is sucking face with a new hunk, and Jerome needs to escape from reality. Next stop? The City of Angels.

Before you can say Tinseltown Tourist three times fast, Jerome is checking into a seedy motel and surrounded by a colorful cast of Hollywood misfits. Within his first 24 hours, the friendly French visitor meets a cute stoner at the beach, discovers the meditative effects of a long LA bus ride and shacks up with a transtastic old soul. Of course, before long, the magical lure of fame and fortune becomes too much as Jerome auditions for a music video and a pizza commercial, resulting in some of the funniest satire of low-level show business ever put on film. As Jerome strives to forget his lover back home, he searches for new experiences and connections on the strange, colorful streets of Los Angeles. Fueled by fantastic performances by Debets and gay icon Chad Allen, a profound appreciation of showbiz absurdity and big-hearted charm at every turn, Hollywood je t’aime is delightfully funny, hugely entertaining and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. — BRENDAN PETERSON

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