The Lollipop Generation

The Lollipop Generation

Canada, 2008, 70 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Drama, Gay, Lesbian, Local Filmmakers / Subjects, Sexually Explicit
Program: World Cinema
Language: English


Filmed piece-by-piece for over a decade and a half, The Lollipop Generation is a loose narrative that pays homage to the grungy, life-on-the street subculture of writer-director G.B. Jones. Shot on grainy Super 8 with spurts of jarring video, the fast cuts and simplistic dialogue belie the subject matter of social deviants, hustlers and smut peddlers who revel in defying society’s norms of decency.

The film follows four mischief-making runaways who make up their own kind of childlike family. Led by pseudo-den mother Georgie, they turn tricks, rob perverts, run from a mysterious red van full of “horrible homos,” and make every abandoned lot and junkyard their personal playground. The sleaze starts to feel almost conventional in this experimental hodgepodge, filled with everyday actions of punks making porn, territorial pink-haired hookers, bathroom blowjobs and masturbation, social commentary on streetwalkers and, of course, a hell of a lot of lollipop licking.

With cameos by underground queer performance artists and indie musicians, including Marcus Ewert, Vaginal Cream Davis and Jane Danger, The Lollipop Generation has an appropriately rockin’ soundtrack of songs, all with references to sugary sweetness on a stick.

Also showing in this program is Playing with Gender, a re-imagining of a ’50s educational film in which young people learn about gender roles and transgender identities. In the moody underground film A Beautiful Death, lesbian vampires play rock ’n roll before bringing down their latest victim, a rockstar.

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