USA, 2008, 106 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Sports, Youth
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: David Oliveras

The award-winning debut feature film by writer/ director David Oliveras is a tale of two star-crossed lovers whose complicated lives intersect at that most brutal of times — high school.

Sensitive and effeminate, Danny is both a gifted artist and an outcast, more accustomed to perusing hunky guys in magazines than in real life. But when Carter, the hottest swimmer in school ends up bunking with him one weekend, an unexpected romance unleashes both positive and negative consequences for both. The tale unfolds as a flashback from the perspective of successful adult artist Danny (who filled out quite nicely), still stuck in the past, his heart and his artist’s inspiration never straying too far from his first love.

Young Tye Olson has already won a best actor award for his portrayal of Danny, and Golden Globe winner Karen Black, who plays his art teacher, helps to round out the cast of actors in this touching drama. And what is a gay swimmer movie without a rather impressive turn by a mustache-laden Greg Louganis as Carter’s swim coach? Oliveras gives the actors plenty to work with in his well-rounded script, and this drama plays out as the story of first love anyone can identify with. — ALEXIS WHITHAM

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