Dyke Delights

Dyke Delights

89 Minute Running Time

Which came first the gay bunny, or the eggs? How do you find a good discount dildo? Why is number 7 such a slut? Find out the answer to these questions and much more in this year’s Dyke Delights.

Two Girl Bunnies fall madly in love, travel to the ends of the earth, and adopt eight chicken eggs. A wacky enthusiast hawks used dildos in the Tools 4 Fools infomercial from hell. The musical parody Jew Lo From the Block chronicles the voyage of a Jewish American Princess from Long Island. A teenager finds herself attracted to her father’s fiancée in Trophy. In The 6 Month Rule a group of friends gather for a disastrous party. Brad and Sally get more than they expected when they spend a sunny Day at the Beach. Queerer Than Thou tackles the age old question, “who is the queerest of them all?” Numerology unveils the mysteries of lesbians through the occult arts and animation. Sista Chronicles delves into a woman’s battle for sex toy reclamation. Buttery Top is a comedy about a first date with extra baggage. An Orthodox Jewish woman and Christian Supermom battle the woes of religion and attraction in Berated Woman.

Text Voting Codes:

The Girl Bunnies: S514
Tools 4 Fools: S584
Jew Lo From The Block: S597
Trophy: S567
The 6 Month Rule: S553
A Day At The Beach: S590
Queerer Than Thou: S504
Numerology: S536
Sista Chronicles: S600
Buttery Top: S535
Berated Woman: S581


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