Fun in Girls' Shorts

Fun in Girls' Shorts

102 Minute Running Time

No waiting! Here are this year’s shorts you will love getting into.

An awkward woman with assertiveness problems seeks the help of a therapist in Countertransference. Mel’s indecision about moving in with her girlfriend is aided by a possessed alarm clock in When the Time’s Right. Fast-talking Ruth must choose between saving her sister and her dreams in Little Mutinies. Kelly’s hot date over the weekend is all the Girl Talk, but she won’t tell anyone about it. I wonder why? The adorably infectious and hopeful I’ve Got You music video will have you humming all day long. Two cocky young lesbians bite off more than they can chew in Don’t Mess with Texas. It’s a revolution in Shafted when Lindsay and her femme fleet embark on a quest to reclaim the sex toys commandeered by butches post-breakup. To win the girl of her dreams, a klutzy woman must overcome a wardrobe malfunction and the bad lesbian habit of overprocessing in Falling for Caroline. Try not to wet your shorts when you watch U-Haul Rap, the laugh-out-loud hilarious music video based on the joke, “What does a lesbian bring on a second date?”

Text Voting Codes:

Girl Talk: S547
Falling For Caroline: S578
Shafted: S574
I've Got You: S570
When The Time’s Right: S537
Little Mutinies: S541
Don't Mess With Texas: S572
Countertransference: S503
U-Haul Rap: S587


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