Queer Trans TV

Queer Trans TV

101 Minute Running Time

What if there really was a Queer Trans TV channel? Brave, humorous and adventurous directors try their hand at exciting new queer and transgender fare.

Episode one of Falling in Love...with Chris and Greg, entitled “O Canada,” introduces us to Chris, a transguy, and Greg, a “biogay” who live a very San Francisco domesticated life and are tempted to tie the knot— will they or won’t they? Queer Teen Romance is a charmingly perverse homage to the after-school special that tackles bullying in a hormone-fueled flurry of forbidden sexual fantasy. When Bryce, the school bully, picks on Kevin, a group of tough (and brightly accessorized) girls decide to teach Bryce a lesson. In Episode two, “Road Trip! TV Special,” Chris and Greg hit the road in search of Vegas nuptials intended to call attention to gay and transgender rights. Will Chris and Greg make it to the end of the road? In Traverse City, ex-lesbian, Gigi struggles with her gay parents’ disapproval of her new relationship with Jack. While Gigi arrives early to spend some time with Mona, Jack road trips from Arizona to San Francisco with Hank. Having established the only ground rule of “no nipple sucking,” hedonistic journeys abound in this sexy road movie.

Text Voting Codes:

Falling in Love... with Chris and Greg Episode 1: “O Canada”: S563
Queer Teen Romance: S568
Falling in Love... with Chris and Greg Episode 2: “Road Trip! TV Special”: S640
Traverse City: S596

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