Worldly Affairs

Worldly Affairs

93 Minute Running Time

Take a trip around the globe with this program of superb international men’s shorts. From Argentina to Turkey to Iceland, the men in this program provide an international perspective on love, lust and teddy bears.

High school friends spend a day together that must inevitably come to an end in Raw Love. Alliocha and Bruno have anonymous sex in a public bathroom and are prematurely separated when one loses his nerve — Bruno fears Somebody is Watching Us. Londoner Tony travels 10,000 miles to rural New Zealand to rekindle an old relationship in Teddy, but a stuffed bear will ultimately decide his fate. Pascal-Alex Vincent’s (his feature Give Me Your Hand also plays in this year’s festival) fascinating Baby Shark is a triptych of teenage malaise, angst and sibling rivalry.The Saint is a poignant and haunting story of poverty and human kindness. And from Iceland, the hilarious Mother Knows Best proves to the world how being gay can be very helpful to your mother.

Text Voting Codes:

Raw Love: S544
Somebody is Watching Us: S641
Teddy: S513
Baby Shark: S622
The Saint: S629
Mother Knows Best: S633

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Zephyr Real Estate- Dan Healy

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