Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

83 Minute Running Time

Inspired by Frameline's Generations Filmmaking Workshops, this collection of shorts shows what can occur when we cross generational lines to make art.

In The Royal Treatment a young man falls in love with his date… well her costume anyway. Losing Ground follows teens in New York City who became homeless after their families kicked them out for being queer. For a group of Bay Area youths, learning about queer history becomes a crucial means to empowerment in Don’t Erase My History. In Lipstick, a bathroom lock and Judy Garland join forces in this poignant tale of a boy exploring his style and sexuality. Alessia captures a mind-opening conversation between a questioning teenager and her uncle’s partner. The Family Album takes aim at weddings past and present, with interspersed animations that cheekily question queer and straight relationships. In Circle Your Preference, two individuals set-up on a blind date both look for the perfect outfit to express their gender-fabulous selves. Finally, it all gets a little meta when the participants of the Generations Workshop decide to make a film about… the Generations Workshop in Rainbow Generations Making Films. — CHARLOTTE GUTIERREZ

Text Voting Codes:

Losing Ground: S532
The Royal Treatment: S510
Lipstick: S511
Don’t Erase My History: S505
Alessia: S636
The Family Album: S637
Circle Your Preference : S638
Rainbow Generations Making Films: S639

Copresented by

826 Valencia, Ninth Street Independent Film Center and TILT


United Airlines

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