Swiss Treats

Swiss Treats

92 Minute Running Time

It’s not just about chocolate and pocketknives anymore. The queers of Switzerland speak the universal language of gay in this eclectic shorts program.

Swiss Treats starts with Vandals, the tale of two young graffiti writers torn between the love for graffiti and the love for each other. Franco, a student in history, decides to seek evidence as he discovers the unorthodox sexual practices of his thesis director and suspects his research has been stolen in Comme Une Lettre a La Poste. Simone misses a connecting flight for her father’s funeral, and now she’s stuck in a small airport in 510 Meters Above Sea Level. The beautifully shot think-piece 14h05 follows a couple as they anticipate the arrival of their new adopted baby. But maybe Julien isn't as ready as he would let Alex believe. In Fifth Fugue a young student takes piano lessons with a teacher. Thirty-year-old Elena is waiting for life to start; and luckily, one night Lia appears in her copy shop in Easy Tiger. Eye and Axis is a dreamlike film mixing images of nature, humanity, and the ocean. Finally, a salsa course unites Helen, a high level broker, and Anna, her cleaning lady, in Dancing to Happiness.

Text Voting Codes:

Vandals: S608
Comme Une Lettre A La Poste: S609
510 Meters Above Sea Level: S515
14h05: S642
Fifth Fugue: S610
Easy Tiger: S512
Eye and Axis: S611
Dancing To Happiness: S554


Consulate General of Switzerland

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