The Young and the Lost

The Young and the Lost

99 Minute Running Time

After last year’s well-received shorts program The Young and the Evil, we decided to bring you another collection of amazing, provocative and haunting shorts about young men.

In James, our lonely and confused protagonist is drawn to his schoolteacher, focusing on the one person who might understand his inner turmoil. In Twoyoungmen, UT, high school senior Will Oberlain sneaks into Salt Lake City’s only gay bar with a bad fake ID, thus Will begins a strange and emotionally surprising road trip with his new friend. Two strangers meet over laundry in Self Service, but both have their own agenda. Suripanta is about the search of a man for his mother who abandoned him as a child, leading him to discover something unexpected. A man imagines one final conversation with his ex-lover in Closure. Lastly, Weak Species features two alienated high school classmates who begin a dangerous gravitation to sex and violence in order to feel something.

This film contains scenes of graphic violence.

Text Voting Codes:

James: S521
Twoyoungmen, UT.: S528
Self Service: S601
Suripanta: S565
Closure: S530
Weak Species: S564


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