Dirt and Desire

Dirt and Desire

91 Minute Running Time

Sexy, hot, and porn-arific queers of all genders explore desire in every form in this down and dirty shorts program with a little something for everyone...and we mean everyone. Potato and bike lust is a-OK!

Kat-I’s Sex Toy Stories is both shocking and hilarious while Getting Off is a queersploitative orgasmic joyride through the beds and streets of San Francisco as a boi searches for his missing orgasm. Leather meets horn and magic is reborn in The Leather Daddy and the Unicorn and love and lust converge in New Bike, a tale of one woman’s search for the perfect bike. Eve wakes up in Paradise, and commits a delicious sin in The Apple. A butch dyke and her power tools are super hot in Lez Porn: Pleasure and Danger. A wholesome girl goes on a dark journey when she invites a hot babe for an intimate dinner of homemade potatoes in Dirt and Desire. A mechanical peep box reveals an enticing discovery in What I Found in Great Aunt Nell’s Closet. Featuring a multi-gendered, all queer cast, Tour de Pants follows a group of dirty racers who pound much more than the concrete as they compete for the grand prize, The Golden Panties.

This program contains sexually explicit material.

Text Voting Codes:

Kat-I’s Sex Toy Stories: S579
Getting Off: S583
The Leather Daddy And The Unicorn: S507
New Bike: S546
The Apple: S562
Lez Porn: Pleasure and Danger: S598
Dirt and Desire: S559
What I Found in Great Aunt Nell’s Closet: S624
Tour de Pants: S527

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Homo A Go Go

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