84 Minute Running Time

The 21st century is exploding with trans self-representation as we reject stereotypes and depict the spectrum of diversity that comprises our exceptional community.

In Michelle’s First Wedding in a Dress we share Michelle’s excitement as she prepares for her special day. Katastrophe is a lyrical Big Deal in a creative re-telling of a famous Andy Warhol drama. Follow the comedic Kaleb through cheap male haircuts and trans fat junk food shopping, with a cameo by Amy Ray of Indigo Girls fame, in Tranzploitation. A business dinner turns romantic in Being Lisa. Joshua Klipp treats us to his latest vocal sensation L1FE and Tell Me The… , complete with the amazing talents of the Sarah Bush Dance Project and Catwalk 2008 winner Asia Vitale respectively. Blink ruminates on the dangers of first crushes and the habits of sea cucumbers. Charming animation illustrates a trans guy and his partner as they discuss the present and imagine the future of their devoted relationship in Kaden Later. Friends race to hide hints that Ava (Calpernia Addams) is transsexual before an unaware date arrives at her over-the-top apartment in the comedy Transproofed. And a hair dresser finds a new client and lesbian love interest on public transportation in Among Colors and Razors. — TEXAS STARR

Text Voting Codes:

Michelle's First Wedding In A Dress: S557
Big Deal: S540
Tranzploitation: S580
Being Lisa: S549
L1fe: S555
Blink: S606
Kaden Later: S561
Tell Me The...: S556
Transproofed: S548
Among Colors and Razors: S502

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Fresh Meat Productions

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