Canyon Cinema's Queer Underground

Canyon Cinema's Queer Underground

88 Minute Running Time
Program: '60s/'70s Underground & Queer Cinema

Canyon Cinema has been the preeminent distributor of independently produced non-narrative films for the past 30 years. Variously called avant-garde, underground and experimental, these queer artists' works share uncompromising visions of personal expression that are free from the demands of commercial film conventions.

The program begins with the love shaman’s call for a sexual revolution of the body politic urging mankind into a new love age in Shaman Psalm. Fireworks releases Kenneth Anger’s “explosive pyrotechnics of a dream,” while I, An Actress gets to the guts of a dramatic scene, an actress and her director. Confessions begins with Curt McDowell’s disclosure to his parents of every sex act in the book and unfolds with his infectious charm and sexuality. In Holding, Coni Beeson explores lesbian love inside and out, and constructed from 14 dreams hear your own voice narrate Gently Down the Stream. Share in a tender, loving and unsentimental exchange in A Valentine for Nelson and witness a dairymaid who becomes “electrified” as she is called to churn butter in a dark forest in Devil’s Dairymaid.

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Devil’s Dairymaid: S621

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