Blazing Wanderlust - Queer Women of Color Shorts

Blazing Wanderlust - Queer Women of Color Shorts

96 Minute Running Time

Join queer women of color on feisty and fantastic voyages! From dyke couples navigating their desire to the riveting routes of sex toys, you’ll be spellbound as you saunter through these saucy sojourns.

Four queer women of color trace their passage into the world of filmmaking and inspire The Stories We Tell. A Cuban lesbian hip-hop trio forges radical roads toward self-expression even as they leave their country behind in Non-Resident Alien. A woman serves deceptive wanderlust at dinner and her displaced partner wonders What If? In the playful Mr. & Mrs. Singh, a starcrossed South-Asian couple traverses the treacherous terrain between duty and desire. An expedition to retrieve a prized invention yields rousing results in the Sista Chronicles. Everyone has a chance to recall their erotic journeys as they ponder What To Do After the Breakup...With the S#x T@ys.

All works were created through Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP), which promotes the visibility of queer women of color through the creation, exhibition and distribution of films that reflect our lives. Curated by QWOCMAP Executive Director and award-winning filmmaker Madeleine Lim.

Text Voting Codes:

The Stories We Tell: S571
Non-Resident Alien: S625
What If?: S526
Mr. & Mrs. Singh: S599
Sista Chronicles: S600
What To Do After The Break-Up With The S#x T@ys: S627

Copresented by

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project



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