Mr. Right

Mr. Right

UK, 2008, 94 Minute Running Time
West Coast Premiere
Language: English

DIRECTORS: Jacqui Morris, David Morris

Smart, snappy and stylish, Jacqui and David Morris’s terrifically entertaining first feature is a witty, heartfelt rom-com that pulses with the veddy English energy of Cool Britannia. Paisley-patterned opening credits worthy of Almódovar set the queer-as-folk tone, as Rufus Wainwright’s appropriately over-the-top “Oh What A World” serenades a metrosexual roundelay of cute couples. All is not roses and lube in this candy-colored playland, however, and behind the film’s seductive Soho blokes lie tender truths about love, family and the thrills and hazards of relationships.

The Morrises deftly juggle the ups and downs of a quartet of partners: soap star Lawrence and ex-rugby player William, whose nine-year-old daughter is determined to sabotage her dad’s love life; harried reality TV producer Harry and struggling actor-slash-caterer Alex; studly model Lars (a hot-and-he-knows-it Benjamin Hart) and his put-upon sugar daddy Tom, a successful artist; and fag-hag Louise and her latest flame Paul, whom she worries might be a little too comfortable with her gaggle of gay guy friends. In a mid-movie highlight, they all gather for an excruciatingly awkward — and hilarious — dinner party at which wine and secrets are spilled.

These hapless romantics and a bevy of relatives, exes, tricks and Mr. Right Nows favor witty repartee over gratuitous shagging, making Mr. Right a sophisticated yet still sexy stand-out that even Posh and Becks would love. — STEVEN JENKINS

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