Children of God
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Children of God

Bahamas, 2010, 104 Minute Running Time
West Coast Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Black / African American, Drama, Gay, Homophobia
Program: Showcases
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Kareem Mortimer

The sun-kissed Bahamian streets and beaches evoke an escapist paradise, but there’s a cloud over the land. In Kareem J. Mortimer’s tender, tough and altogether touching drama, a nasty current of outspoken and religiously endorsed homophobia shadows two young men on their path out of the closet.

Jonny, an awkward and awfully cute painting student, is “banished” by his instructor to the remote island of Eleuthera to focus on his work and find his voice. But first he finds Romeo, a handsome, self-confident guy who shows Jonny the scenic spots… and a bit more. Romeo’s got a girlfriend, however, as well as a blustery mother who willfully ignores any clue or hint he drops to set her straight.

Meanwhile, Leslie, a pastor’s wife has also made her way to this distant spot to contemplate her future in relative calm. Tired of her husband spouting high-and-mighty, anti-gay rhetoric at rallies, while refusing to own up to the cruelty and contradictions in his private life, Leslie has a decision to make.

Children of God boasts glittering scenery and a rock-steady soundtrack, but Jonny, Romeo and Leslie’s high-stakes dilemmas captivate as the human drama takes center stage. Mortimer has crafted an engrossing character study with real social comment and gorgeous cinematography. — MICHAEL FOX

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