Elvis & Madona
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Elvis & Madona

Brazil, 2009, 105 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Drama, Gender Queer, Latino/a, Lesbian, Theater / Performance Art, Transgender
Programs: Showcases, South America's New Queer Cinema
Language: Portuguese

DIRECTOR: Marcelo Laffitte

It’s not every day that you fall in lust with the dyke delivering your pizza… but for Madona, today’s that day. Butch Elvis is a photographer by day and delivers pizzas by night. Madona is a working-class transwoman, a cabaret performer with ambition to burn. One fateful evening, Elvis delivers a pizza to Madona, only to discover her in distress — she’s just been robbed and beaten by her former lover, João.

The two slowly turn up the heat on an ongoing flirtation while Elvis works to establish her photography career and Madona rallies her friends at the beauty salon where she works to raise money for her big cabaret show. After seeing Madona perform, Elvis is officially smitten, and the two begin tearing up the streets of Copacabana with their passionate affair. When Elvis becomes pregnant, the couple has to navigate the complications of parenthood and family under the strain of their unconventional romance. Admid all this turmoil, Madona’s past in pornography comes back to haunt the couple as Madona stops at nothing to ensure the success of her big show. When João is released from jail and begins to harass both of the lovebirds, what will fate have in store?

Perfect for a movie date, this lively romp about two starcrossed genderqueer lovers was a huge hit at Closing Night for the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Enchanting lead actresses add undeniable power to this modern queer love story. — CINDY M. EMCH

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El/la Program Para Trans-Latinas and TGI Justice Project


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