Is It Just Me?
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Is It Just Me?

USA, 2009, 112 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drama, Gay
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English


Los Angeles: land of attractive boys in search of the next hookup. Painfully single writer Blaine is reminded daily of his awkwardness around other L.A. gays who are more sexually oriented. One is the loneliest number, but can he handle a relationship with more people than he bargained for?

While on a personal quest to find the guy who possesses more substance than just what’s “behind the zipper,” Blaine meets Xander, a new arrival to town, in an online chat room. They connect on a very intimate level and decide to meet in person. But there’s a catch: unbeknownst to Blaine, he was logged into his hot roommate Cameron’s online profile. Things quickly get out of hand when this gay Cyrano de Bergerac enlists Cameron to play along as Blaine pretends with Xander to be someone (and something) he’s not.

Both young men want to connect with that special someone, which only becomes more confusing as the charade becomes more wacky and out of control. Despite advice from Blaine’s best friend, Michelle, and Xander’s Uncle Ernie, they just can’t see what is staring them in the face. Of course, secrets have a way of being exposed… and not in a good way.

Can Blaine and Xander cut through all the deception to find their way to each other? Director and writer J.C. Calciano successfully weaves a classic tale into this comical modern-day romance. — MARCUS WONACOTT

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