Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen

USA, 2009, 63 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Discrimination, Documentary, Homophobia, Lesbian, Parenting / Family, Religion / Spirituality
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Paige Williams

What would Jesus do with a lesbian daughter? Paige Williams really needs to know. Happily married to Amelia with a baby on the way, Paige is troubled by her strained relationship with her devout Southern Baptist parents. They run the only ex-gay ministry in Mississippi. With an open mind and a daughter’s respect, Paige documents her pilgrimage to the crossroads of faith and love.

Paige meets male and female ex-gay ministers who once identified as gay. Called by their faith to leave ‘the lifestyle’ and support others to do so, they believe that loving Jesus and loving someone of the same sex are mutually exclusive. How they choose a ‘purity of heart’ over a ‘life of sin’ differs. And then there are her parents, the only ex-gay ministers Paige meets who aren’t converted LGBT people themselves.

In heartbreaking exchanges with Judy and Jerry, Paige investigates how much her coming out at seventeen played a part in their vocation. Does her mother truly love the sinner but hate the sin? Is this all about Judy’s guilt about ‘failing’ as a mother? Or is there something more? Nothing’s simple in love and faith, and this documentary is big and bold enough to hold the complexity.

God Hates… portrays the militant, fanatical side of religion, exploring the local reactions to the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church zealots, as they protest all over Vermont.

Text Voting Codes:
God Hates… : S578
Mississippi Queen: D306

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Dignity/SF and MCCSF-Metropolitan Community Church San Francisco

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