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USA, 2010, 83 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Lesbian, Youth
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Fernanda Cardoso

Student meets professor. Student crushes on professor. The crush might be mutual. Bloomington is a fresh and twisty take on the coming-of-age drama. Jackie is a former child actress attending college in search of independence. But as she connects with a seductive professor, her “normal” college experience gets turned upside down.

Attending a Midwestern college, far away from Jackie’s home in California, she’s singled out for her fame from Neptune 26, the popular sci-fi show she was once a part of. She’s not exactly close with her parents, but being alone for the first time is over-whelming. When she meets the mysterious Professor Catherine Stark at a department mixer, the two connect quickly, forming an instantly intense relationship.

As their bond grows stronger and more personal over the course of the school year, Jackie is suddenly faced with the chance to audition for a feature film that may revive her acting career. When she decides to audition, her illicit behavior with Catherine attracts unwanted attention that jeopardizes her job security. Will following her own path mean saying goodbye to her first love?

Don’t miss the adorable make out session where dirty talk consists of sci-fi dialog from Jackie’s show. An honest and open look at new love and moving on, vivid characters and a strong lead (Sarah Stouffer as Jackie) make Bloomington a fantastic addition to the genre.

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