The Man who Loved Yngve
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The Man who Loved Yngve

Norway, 2008, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Youth
Program: World Cinema
Language: Norwegian

DIRECTOR: Stian Kristiansen

It's Norway in 1989: the Berlin wall has come down, ‘80s pop is finally going out of fashion, and teen boys like Jarle Klepp are in search of sex, rock and revolution. Outcast Jarle wants to get a life — preferably one involving sexy Katrine. When the ginger-haired aspiring rebel meets outspoken Herle, they start a punk(ish) band, get an actual gig at an actual club, and Jarle even gets the girl.

But where a John Hughes film might end, Stian Kristiansen’s sweet debut film simply begins. Has Jarle truly gotten everything he wants? It seems so until he meets the pensive, sandy-haired, sweaty Greek-god-on-the-tennis-court Yngve. The sexual tension between the boys is palpable, and though Jarle may not let his attraction be known, there’s no doubt that he’s smitten. Jarle’s relationships with his bandmates, his friends, his family, and Katrine become strained as he’s pulled apart by his two loves.

This tender coming-of-age story has won multiple Amanda Awards, Norway’s Oscars, and boasts an incredibly talented cast of young actors. Kristiansen’s intimate camerawork and the characters’ poetically long silences dovetail perfectly with a heartrending soundtrack, including songs by The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, The Smiths, and REM. — ALEXIS WHITHAM

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