Mother Earth  {Tierra madre}

Mother Earth
Tierra madre

Mexico, 2009, 62 Minute Running Time
Bay Area Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Coming Out, Documentary, Latino/a, Lesbian, Parenting / Family, Sex Work
Program: Documentary
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Dylan Verrechia

Latino queers honor their chosen family and community in these two powerful films about a lesbian’s unorthodox family in Mexico and a closely-knit group of transwomen who band together to weather a tragedy.

Mother Earth is based on the true life story of its star, Aidee Gonzalez. The film takes us through Aidee’s beginning as an erotic dancer, to the harsh realities of raising her children, first alone and then with a new girlfriend, Rosalba, who also works at the club. When Rosalba also decides to get pregnant, Aidee agrees to help her find a man to do the job, hoping to ensure he’s isn’t so handsome that she loses Rosalba to the donor.

The new child and Rosalba’s motherhood change the family dynamic, forcing Aidee to reach out to friends to build the family she truly needs. With a colorful cast of characters infused with charm and determination, Mother Earth offers a rare and honest glimpse into the life of a lesbian in Mexico’s adult industry, who’s working to make a living, build a family and raise her kids right.

The touching short Remember Me in Red will set the tone for the program. Emotions run high as Fidelia is arranging her best friend Alma’s funeral, only to have Alma’s parents arrive from Mexico and insist that their son be buried as male. Alma’s friends pull together to honor both the parents’ wishes and those of Alma herself. — CINDY EMCH

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Mother Earth: F103

Copresented by

Queer Latina/o Artists Collective (QueLACo), Amor Sin Fronteras and Somos Familia

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