Lost In The Crowd
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Lost In The Crowd

USA, 2009, 75 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Black / African American, Coming Out, Discrimination, Documentary, Gay, Homophobia, Latino/a, Lesbian, Male-to-Female, Parenting / Family, Sex Work, Transgender, Youth
Program: Documentary
Language: English


Lost in the Crowd is the tale of the world hidden behind the busy activity of New York City. Several homeless LGBT youth are profiled as they live on the streets. Kicked out of their homes, signed over to the foster system or having run away on their own, these youth discuss their lives, their sexuality, their families and their plans for the future.

Youth speak for themselves with brutal honesty, with a supporting cast of shelter workers, outreach volunteers, parents and ballroom divas. Shelters and sugar daddies, feast and famine, ecstasy and misery — life is a balance of extremes for this group and thousands of young people like them. Students, fast food workers, bike messengers, dancers and office workers pull back the curtain to reveal how homelessness, poverty, sexuality, gender and HIV status have shaped their lives and altered their dreams.

The first part of this unflinchingly honest film follows the characters from 2003 through to 2007. The second part of the film follows up with the same group to find out where their lives have led. Some have gone on to relative success, some are caught in a vicious cycle of prostitution and drug addiction. But in a heart-breaking and all-too-common cliffhanger, some of those profiled are nowhere to be found.

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Copresented by

Larkin Street Youth Services and LYRIC - Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center and Dimensions Clinic

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