Plan B
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Plan B

Argentina, 2009, 103 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Drama, Gay, Latino/a
Programs: South America's New Queer Cinema, World Cinema
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Marco Berger

After his girlfriend, Laura, breaks up with him, Bruno decides he will do anything to get her back — even pretend to have a crush on her new, reportedly bisexual boyfriend, Pablo. But what happens when he starts to fall in love for real?

The story sounds like farce, but director Marco Berger shapes Plan B into a resonant and remarkable film. At loose ends in life and love, the slackerish Bruno catches Pablo’s eye in the gym and the two bond over the same television show.

Soon, they’re hanging out regularly, getting stoned and talking about what kind of children’s toy they’d most like to be. Though they share many things, including a bed during spontaneous sleepovers, Bruno never reveals his underlying motivations. After a kiss between the two awakens surprising feelings, their bond becomes even more complex.

The two leads, Manuel Vignau and Lucas Ferraro, are credible and touching as two heretofore heterosexual guys who find surprising same-sex feelings taking hold. Berger employs an evocative score to mirror the characters’ confusion and conflict, as well as a vivid sense of space that evinces the distances that separate. Moving, sexy and smart, Plan B tackles the thorny issues of male sexuality and friendship with grace, humor and style. — ROD ARMSTRONG

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