Brotherhood  {Broderskab}
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Denmark, 2009, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Homophobia, Violence
Program: World Cinema
Language: Danish

DIRECTOR: Nicolo Donato

Lars and Jimmy wrestle with their conflicting desires in this provocative, award-winning Danish drama about xenophobia and neo-Nazi subculture.

Ambitious Lars quits the army after being denied a promotion and accused of making drunken advances toward soldiers under his command. Directionless, Lars is recruited by the leader of a local neo-Nazi group, who sees potential in the disillusioned young man. Desperate for camaraderie, Lars is quickly seduced by the group, brushing aside his discomfort with their violent tendencies.

Group member Jimmy has doubts about this mysterious new recruit but cannot deny his obvious curiosity. During a night swim together, a dangerous passion ignites between the two men, who risk everything to satisfy their intense sexual attraction. The slow-burning tension mounts as the film intelligently explores the unwieldy force of Lars and Jimmy’s unlikely but potent affair in the center of an anti-gay subculture where hetero masculinity is worn as a badge of honor.

Director Nicolo Donato’s impressive feature film debut avoids clichés by refusing to define its characters as black-and-white stereotypes or to fetishize skinhead culture. The film features rock-solid performances, especially from Thure Lindhardt (Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons), who plays Lars with spellbinding depth. — CHRIS KEECH

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