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Off World

Canada, 2009, 76 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Philippines
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Drag, Drama, Gay, Parenting / Family, South East Asian
Program: World Cinema
Language: Tagalog and English

DIRECTOR: Mateo Guez

Off World is a haunting and poignant tale of one man’s search for his true identity. Lucky (Marc Abaya), a young Toronto man adopted from the Philippines at an early age, returns to Smokey Mountain, a notorious Manila slum. It is aptly named for the methane gasses that leak continuously in the 12-story pile of trash and garbage. The way of life there is scavenging for plastic and other saleable refuse to make a few pesos each day and to scour the rotting garbage as one of the only sources for food.

Lucky is a shell of a man, empty, hoping to fill the void by finding his brother who was left behind. His only contact is a woman, Julia (Che Ramos), who introduces Lucky to his long lost sibling, Mamacita (Lao Rodriguez), an effeminate gay hustler who turns tricks to survive. Keeping his connection a secret, Lucky stays with his brother while wandering through the squalor of Smokey Mountain, only to sink deeper into his own desolation.

But at his lowest, drug-induced state, Lucky begins to discover love — with Julia, and for Mamacita — after divulging his true self. As he discovers the mother who’s touch he could not remember, he sees Smokey Mountain as a testament of hope, both for the people who live there and for himself. — MARCUS WONACOTT

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Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) and Center for Asian American Media and API Wellness Center and DIVA

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