Gay Aesthetics & Iconography in the Films of Andy Warhol

Gay Aesthetics & Iconography in the Films of Andy Warhol

USA, 90 Minute Running Time
Program: Andy Warhol 1960s Gay Cinema
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Ronald Gregg

A can’t-miss program for Warhol lovers — and those who wish they were!

Yale Professor Ron Gregg’s talk will investigate the inspiration Andy Warhol’s experimental films drew from the gay world of 1960s New York City, including numerous art world and underground celebrities, hustlers, transvestites, queens, exhibitionists and other queer types.

Also up for discussion will be queer moments in Warhol’s films ranging from same sex kissing in the 1963 Kiss series and sexual scenarios in films such as Blow Job and Couch, to meditations on cruising in My Hustler and Chelsea Girls, as well as the film techniques and aesthetics that both highlighted and naturalized the queerness of pre-Stonewall New York.

Join us for this and more, including numerous clips and stills from Warhol’s oeuvre. The lecture will examine and explore Warhol’s Screen Test series, the Kiss series (1963), Blow Job (1963), Haircut #1 (1963), Mario Banana (1964), The 13 Most Beautiful Boys (1964), Taylor Mead’s Ass (1965), My Hustler (1965), Chelsea Girls (1966), Bike Boy (1967) and others.

IMAGE: Haircut (No. 1) ©2010 The Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburg, PA, a museum of Carnegie Institute. All rights reserved.

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