The Queer X Show

The Queer X Show

92 Minute Running Time

The new film from Emilie Jouvet (One Night Stand) is a radical and racy road-romp featuring American and European activists, artists, writers, sex workers and porn stars as they embark on a sex-positive stage show tour through Europe in the summer of 2009. Join these lascivious ladies as they open up their legs and invite you into their colorful world of feminist performance art.

Highlighting everything from the mundane to the magnificent, Too Much Pussy! features personal interviews, a porno in the making, clips from live sex shows and commentaries on love, art and friendship, all of which offer the viewer an intimate look at the politics and personalities behind these self-proclaimed feminist sluts. Through Jouvet’s lens, you’ll see it all — the exhaustion of being on the road, encounters with shocked and offended locals, and the complex connections forged by these women as they share the most private details of their lives in the most public ways.

Dancing the line between art and performance, the artists and their stories leap off the screen, with bold and kinky performances that would make our feminist foremothers proud… and maybe a little turned on. Join Emilie Jouvet, Wendy Delorme, Judy Minx, Madison Young, Sadie Lune, Mad Kate and DJ Metzgerei on their Annie Sprinklesque live sex show.

Sex on Wheels is a living history bike tour of San Francisco’s queer sex workers. Like Colonial Williamsburg… but not. — NATALIE JOSEF

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Sex on Wheels: S580
Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, a Queer X Show: D321

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Center for Sex and Culture

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