Fun in Girls' Shorts

Fun in Girls' Shorts

94 Minute Running Time

Fantasies of chasing lassies through rural England, homosexually-identified currency and a movie spawned by an epic breakup — girls are at it again in this program of comical shorts!

Sara’s preparing a surprise for her wife Katrina’s Birthday in this Swedish short, but Katrina may have some surprises of her own. Public restrooms present a unique challenge for one individual in Door Prize. And don’t you hate it when politics ruin a perfectly good party? In The Best is Yet to Come, a young lesbian couple celebrates a birthday on election night in 2008, but the result of Prop 8 puts a damper on the evening. Peasants is a rollicking comedy that has Jersey girl Jo fantasizing about romancing her straight best friend in the bucolic English countryside. Bad bosses plus wild nights equal a semi-true story of two girls in love in Public Relations. American economic angst and gay panic explode in suburban New Jersey when the hilarious Dyke Dollar comes to town. After getting the shaft in an unbelievable breakup, a lesbian reveals her enlightened, yet hysterical road to recovery in 25 Random Things I Did During My Big Fat Lesbian Depression.

Text Voting Codes:
Birthday: S610
Door Prize: S536
The Best is Yet to Come: S600
Queer Pet Adventures Episode #2: S504
Peasants: S590
Public Relations: S605
Dyke Dollar: S571
25 Random Things I Did During My Big Fat Lesbian Depression: S574


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