Fun In Boys' Shorts

Fun In Boys' Shorts

97 Minute Running Time

It wouldn’t be the Frameline film festival without the boys having fun in their shorts… and in a lot of other places too!

College friends Matt (gay) and Jenn (straight) decide to have a baby, except that the most cost-effective method is to just have awkward sex in the hilarious Gayby. A crazy welcome wagon greets a gay couple who’ve just moved into their new apartment in The New Tenants, this year’s darkly satirical Oscar®-winning short, starring Vincent D’Onofrio and David Rakoff. In The Queen, Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is stuck working at his parents’ dry cleaners on prom weekend, but he creates his own night to remember. Skinny Daniel is a Go Go Reject, but can he make his Flashdance dreams come true if the biggest muscle he’s got is his brain? When parents find out their unborn son is a Gay Baby, an eager store clerk at a very special store calms the father’s nerves. In Rubdown, follow along with a “secret shopper” who’s getting an undercover massage that might not be under the covers at all. In our final short, Professor Godoy is a high school math teacher with a dull existence, but his life gets much more interesting when his cute student toys with his teacher’s fantasies.

Text Voting Codes:
gayby: S577
The New Tenants: S621
The Queen: S551
Go Go Reject: S619
Gay Baby: S558
Queer Pet Adventures Episode #1: S503
Rubdown: S581
Professor Godoy: S592



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