Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

84 Minute Running Time

Come and celebrate youth and elders in this engaging program of shorts, including films from this year's Frameline Generations filmmaking workshops.

First we’ll see Always My Son, a touching documentary on the transformation of one gay son’s self-described macho dad. HIV-positive youth tell us how to stay safe in HIV: Hey, It’s Viral. A mother and son find a moment of beauty in Benji & Mitzi, while a Galileo High School graduate comes out in Everybody Knows “Bam Bam” (or do they). Sex Ed and Jobalicous are two films from the LGBTQ youth of LYRIC.

Youth and elders have been working together from script to screen to bring you intergenerational LGBT voices from the Frameline Generations Workshop. Three films from the workshop include a television parody about being summoned to the Gay People’s Court. In a short about a 1950s housewife, she discovers her husband is gay and starts taking it out on the vegetables. And in our final film, an elder steps in to help a youth who is being bullied.

Text Voting Codes:
Always My Son: S604
HIV: Hey, It’s Viral: S616
Benji and Mitzi: S535
Everybody Knows “Bam Bam” (or do they): S534
Sex Ed: S533
Jobalicious: S554
Gay People’s Court: Fashion Beat Down: S542
My Life...My Wife...My Knife!: S544
Los Ojos del Alma: S543

Copresented by

Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools (TILT), Ninth Street Independent Film Center and Family Acceptance Project and Somos Familia.

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