Bi Request

Bi Request

68 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subject: Bisexual

Can bromance turn to romance? Can buying Prince tickets lead to a crisis of identity? Anything is possible in these films where bold desires, not ambivalent curiosities, drive unforgettable characters to take high-stake actions.

A lover’s escape plan backfires when he is caught before (and during) the act in He She We. Web series Rose by Any Other Name tackles stereotypes from every angle as it follows Rose, a comfortably out lesbian, and Anthony, a nice progressive straight guy, who unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. But will they be able overcome their own insecurities, their friends’ advice, and — worst of all — the approval of Rose’s parents, in order to give it a chance? By fusing documentary voiceover with strong narrative imagery, Curious Thing beautifully defies categorization on multiple levels as two men explore their relationship’s past, present and future. A famous bromance gets a queer makeover when Wayne and Garth find themselves experiencing love and loss in the spoof of a spoof Let’s Rock: A Tale of Love from the Future. Fears and fantasies collide when a German woman goes to meet her mistress and learns that much can happen In Between a Kiss. In the award-winning documentary Lorelei Lee, we are granted intimate access to the porn performer and writers’ inner machinations about work, family and love.

Text Voting Codes:
Rose By Any Other Name... (Season 1): S624
Curious Thing: S559
Let’s Rock: A Tale of Love from the Future: S523
In Between A Kiss: S595
Lorelei Lee: S555

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