Tough Girls

Tough Girls

82 Minute Running Time

Sugar, spice and everything tough — that’s what the girls are made of in this program of ass-kicking shorts.

Olivia is simple: two girls, four strings and a bathroom is all it takes for seduction. Two teenagers lock eyes, and sparks fly in Organism. Maybe they have more in common than it seems. Nora loves Nikki, but Nikki’s sleep habits are driving her crazy. Nora is willing to try anything, but nothing seems to work in Close Enough. Nia develops a crush on her neighborhood postwoman. Maybe it’s just lust for polyester shorts, but can The Postwoman show her the true meaning of unconditional love? Brooklyn girl gang member Krank, after being shot in a mysterious guinea pig lab rescue incident, comes home from the hospital in a wheelchair to find her cats are gone, her mother is still insane and her gang is kicking her out. And that’s before Hell on Wheels: Gang Girls Forever even gets its hilarious motor runnin’. It’s a Big Bright Future for pot dealers in knee socks in this sun drenched final film

Text Voting Codes:
Olivia: S547
Organism: S591
Close: S561
The Postwoman: S564
Big Bright Future: S602
Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever: S627

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