99 Minute Running Time
Program: Shorts

Anyone who’s ever been in a queer family in any role will appreciate these shorts that celebrate the diversity of queer family units — no matter their constellation!

A gay man and a straight woman decide to have a child together the old-fashioned way in Gayby. In the colorful and bittersweet Benji & Mitzi, a mother and a son are two outsiders who find a moment of beauty amid their sorrows. Jonas and Flavio become paternal for the first time when they realize their friend is considering an abortion in One For Another. Lily’s Image is the story of a little girl who finds magic while making art in the middle of her parents’ unusual separation. Ever riveted by the nuclear families feature in home and garden magazines? Join the journey to acquire such a family in The Single Mother. Unique animation mixes with live action in Mice Heaven when a mother, a child and a lover are pulled together and pushed apart. A lesbian couple and their donor figure out the boundaries of their relationship as they figure out How to Make a Heartbeat. Raised by her two moms, young Hannah never thought about the logistics of different families until her friend explains the process of creating chicks from eggs. Soon after, an educational trip through cyberspace in Hens and Chicks has Hanna asking, “Who’s MY rooster?”

Text Voting Codes:
gayby: S577
Benji and Mitzi: S535
One for another: S584
Lily’s Image: S567
The Single Mother: S527
Mice Heaven: S618
How to Make a Heartbeat: S563
Hens & Chicks: S617

Copresented by

COLAGE and Our Family Coalition

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