Curious Thing

Curious Thing

85 Minute Running Time

Things are curious with this selection of impressive short films portraying the lives, loves and longings of twenty-something gay men. Start your first full day at Frameline34 with this celebration of hauntingly beautiful shorts.

Jared is closeted and Sam is straight, but together, they discover a Curious Thing in this fusion of documentary audio interviews and narrative film. Their connection from friendship to more is a poignant look at gay men’s relationships with straight guys. In Disarm, two men meet online for a hook-up, but after an initial confrontation, they discover something they did not expect: a connection. After is a poetic exploration of longing — for intimacy, pleasure and unexplored fantasy — that ultimately tears three friends apart. Two men Embrace in this starkly beautiful black and white love poem to human connection. Pillow talk is anything but light as Lorimer starts off, but the serious conversation doesn’t sit well with half of the pair. In Last Call an alcoholic man who is on the way to reconcile with the love of his life dies but then is given the chance to relive select moments from his life. Tim and Julian of Cakes and Sand are an adorable, young couple who love each other very much, but something has started to flounder in their relationship. Is it enough for them to give up love?

Text Voting Codes:
Curious Thing: S559
Disarm: S608
After: S582
Embrace: S508
Lorimer: S545
Last Call: S607
Cakes And Sand: S601

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