No Gravity

No Gravity

70 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Biography / History, Gender, Lesbian, Nature / Animals, Sci-Fi / Horror / Fantasy
Program: Documentaries

Young engineer Silvia Casalino dreams about going to space. Her dreams become reality as she embarks on an unusual and bizarre journey, which leads her to the icons of female space travel and cyborg culture. The essayistic documentary, No Gravity is a personal story as well as a broader take on the history of women in space and the relationship between gender and technology.

From the USSR, USA and Europe, female astronauts have led very different lives. You might be surprised where the glass ceiling of aeronautics is the thickest. Star Trek fans might have known that for years how that show historically changed the way prospective female astronauts viewed themselves. In this small tribe, even fictional characters have a place. Fascinating viewing for everyone, including nerds and sci-fi fans, No Gravity combines wonderful archival footage and stills with modern commentary to produce captivating cultural analysis in an extremely enjoyable package.

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Tough Girls Don’t Dream: S632
No Gravity: D318

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