Pasties & Staches

Pasties & Staches

79 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Dance, Drag, Gender, Gender Queer, Theater / Performance Art
Program: Documentaries

Whether it’s pushing up the tits or binding them down, gluing on fake eyelashes or facial hair, wearing a boa and heels or a three-piece suit, the women in these two documentary shorts are all exploring what it means to perform gender.

The Faux Real

In The Faux Real, director Suzanne Hillinger follows three performers with one thing in common—they are all cisgender (that is, not transgender) women who perform as—and identify as—drag queens. Through interview segments and clips of their burlesque, drag, and comedy routines, solo performance legends The World Famous *BOB*, Dr. Lucky, and Raven Snook invite us to question performative femininity and the nature of drag.


On the other end of the gender spectrum and across an ocean, director Kenneth Elvebakk tracks the Norwegian drag king troupe of daKings through rehearsals, costume fittings, and very long—and sometimes tense—troupe meetings. For two years, the women of the troupe build their stage characters, hone the fine points of playing a man onstage, practice their dance moves and swaggers, and delight in custom-made suits. Simultaneously, they are building a troupe together, working through the struggles, compromise, and possibility of collaboration.

Text Voting Codes:

The Faux Real: S540
daKings: D306

Co-presented by:

Dimensions Clinic
Queer Cultural Center

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