Community Action Center  {Community Action Center}

Community Action Center
Community Action Center

83 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: BDSM, Bisexual, Experimental, Gay, Gender, Lesbian, Sexually Explicit, Theater / Performance Art, Transgender
Program: U.S. Features

Get your action on with these hedonistic expressions of explicit queer lust.

Fresh from the talked about film installation at Taxter & Spengemann’s new space in NYC’s Chelsea district, Community Action Center (CAC) was crafted by A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns, both accomplished artists. Void of dialog, this collage of sexual acting out is ethereal and base at each given moment. A collaboration among artists, friends, and extroverts, CAC presents an intimate journey that is sensual in every sense of the word: visual, tactile, pungent, rhythmic, succulent. Erotic and pornographic, we are served up an expansive view of sexual expression and personal liberation?queer style. The performers are given a broad birth to explore roles that begin outside socio-sexual norms, thus encouraging them to go hog wild. Steiner and Burns’ beautifully compiled soundtrack completes this cinematic orgy.

I Want your Love offers up a different perspective on sex. Best friends Jesse (Jesse Metzger) and Brenden (Brenden Gregory) can talk about pretty much anything and anyone. Hanging out and drinking, their talk turns sexual and with just the right amount of alcoholic lubricant, they fall down that rabbit hole of recreational sex. Why not? It’ll be fun, no problem, right? The action is graphically hot, passionate with no holds barred. But in the end, something has changed and gotten much more complicated between two “besties.” Director Travis Mathews (In Their Room) gives us a thoughtful and sexually explicit scene that is a tantalizing appetizer of feature film in progress. mdash; MARCUS WONACOTT

Text Voting Codes:

I Want Your Love: S565
Community Action Center: F109

Co-presented by:

Femina Potens
Center for Sex & Culture

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