78 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Animation, Bisexual, Comedy, Drama, Gay, Health / Medicine, Lesbian, Nature / Animals, Transgender
Program: Shorts Programs

A wonderful collection of both enchanting and downright hilarious animated films.

Six kids use color to make a gray world beautiful, and the life of a handkerchief is not what you expect. A couple of girl bunnies find love in a tree, while a treeworker becomes the symbol for human destruction. The disconnect between one’s own perception and that of the world is explored, and a ‘motion storybook” show us the trials and tribulations of gender and identity. A real life gay divorce becomes the hot topic for a group of friends to dissect. An alien beauty queen crashes in the middle of Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras, and a sisterhood of evil witches struggle with the goodness around them. — JENNIFER MORRIS

Text Voting Codes:

Great Expectations: S557
White Paper: S644
Truth Takes Time: S638
The treeworker: S635
Cankered and Cursed: S518
Perception: S604
Valmay the Visitor from Beep Beep Beep Bleetlebox 967: S639
The Girl Bunnies. BIG TREE.: S553

Co-presented by:

Dimensions Clinic

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