We Have to Stop Now, Season 2

We Have to Stop Now, Season 2

117 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drama, Lesbian
Program: U.S. Features

Expected Guests: actors Cathy DeBuono & Jill Bennett

In this L.A. romantic comedy, lesbian married couple Dyna (Cathy DeBuono) and Kit (Jill Bennett) are business partners as well as romantic partners—therapists who co-authored the best-selling self-help book, How to Succeed at Marriage Without Even Trying. Unfortunately, their own marriage has long been on the rocks. Season One sure was full of drama: a documentary film crew, the couple’s newfound celebrity, a stoner sister, romantic intrigue, and a weirdo therapist to help them sort it all out. If you missed it at Frameline34 or haven’t caught up on the web, don’t worry. Season Two kicks off with a recap and brings us all up to speed on the current state of the couple’s affairs.

So where are they now? Kit’s sister (Ann Noble) is still crashing on the couch and cracking jokes about the sex swing they bought—and fought over assembling—as part of their attempt to “reinvest” in their marriage. Their place gets even more crowded when Dyna’s sister (Maryfrances Careccia) comes to visit. Kit and Dyna start therapist shopping, but somehow, the new therapists (including Meredith Baxter) all look an awful lot like their old therapist, Susan (Suzanne Westenhoefer). And they’re still fighting over the same things: Dyna’s to-do lists and cerebral nature, Kit’s impulsivity and quirks. No, they haven’t changed much since Season One. But do we really want them to?

We Have to Stop Now won the 2010 Curve Magazine award for best web series—come see why!


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