Bite Marks

Bite Marks

98 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drama, Gay, Sci-Fi / Horror / Fantasy
Program: U.S. Features

Expected Guests: director Mark Bessenger and actors Stephen Geoffreys, Benjamin Lutz & John Werskey.

Brewster is about to have a bad day. His tryst with his brother’s wife is interrupted by a call from the truck dispatch. His brother has not shown up for work, and if Brewster doesn’t cover his route, his sibling will be fired. So Brewster heads out to deliver a shipment of coffins to a funeral home several states over.

Trying not to fall asleep at the wheel, Brewster picks up hitchhikers Cary and Vogel, a gay couple whose cross-country trip is a last-ditch effort to mend their failing relationship. Brewster takes an instant dislike to Cary but becomes uncomfortable when he finds himself somewhat attracted to Vogel. His GPS guidance system misleads them into an abandoned junkyard, where the truck's axle breaks. As Brewster tries to find help, Vogel and Cary explore their surroundings. When night falls, they learn that the coffins aren’t exactly empty. There are vampires…hungry ones! Vogel, Cary, and Brewster barricade themselves in the truck’s cab, hoping to fend off the vampires with religious artifacts until dawn. All of their plans for escape are foiled, until their last one, which unfortunately involves going out into the junkyard.

From cheeky opening credits to deep Southern accents, Bite Marks is a delightful vampire buddy comedy with a witty script and a cute cast. Irreverence never looked so tasty.

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