Double Happiness Seeks Same

Double Happiness Seeks Same

72 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Coming Out, Gay, Lesbian, Parenting / Family, Transgender
Program: Shorts Programs

This charming compilation of Asian & Pacific Islander short films takes us on a journey looking for love and acceptance. First date jitters, MUNI cruising, awkward ex sightings, and Star Wars action figures collide with familial expectations and the eternal quest to find bliss at any age.

Prepping for a first date has never been funnier in Boys & Girls. The Bus Pass takes us cruising aboard public transportation and begs the age old question: “is she or isn’t she?” Breaking up is hard to do, but I’m in the Mood for Love reminds us that still sharing that favorite hot pot restaurant with an ex can be harder. After finding himself bullied on the playground once again, fifth grader Henry decides to spend lunch with his former kindergarten teacher, Mr. Loh, in Lunchtime. Come Back to Me introduces us to a young lesbian couple that finds their relationship turned inside out. Stories of happy life and love from those who have a lot to tell, but cannot be seen are shared in Happy Ending. Mind artfully illustrates fantasy writer Tom Cho’s description of his gender transition as both a creative and destructive process.

Text Voting Codes:

Come Back to Me: S524
The Bus Pass: S517
Boys & Girls: S514
I'm in the Mood for Love: S568
Lunchtime: S588
Mind: S592
Happy Ending: S544

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7X7 Magazine

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