113 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Gay
Program: U.S. Features

Expected Guests: director JC Calciano and actors Mike C. Manning and Galen Drever

Having relationship troubles? There’s an app for that! Marshall thought that he would have it all by now, but on the verge of his 30th birthday he’s still trapped in the same job, one in which he expected to jump-start an exciting career. Besides that, he finds himself with a serious case of seven year itch with his boyfriend, Gabe, who isn’t putting out. Living vicariously through the Internet, he stumbles upon a peculiar app late one night called “eCupid,” that promises him true love. But it’s just an app right?

Overnight eCupid invades Marshall’s life, getting to know everything about him, and the next day grabs the steering wheel of his life. The naughty app texts Gabe that Marshall wants to date other people, forcing Marshall to confess that he isn’t happy anymore. A sexy romantic comedy unfolds as things get crazy with all kinds of hot guys throwing themselves at Marshall. He enjoys the party boy life-style—for a while. But things get real when he realizes that the one man he really wants is about to walk out of his life. Now Marshall must take control back from eCupid and listen to his heart.

Filled with fabulously gay characters and quirky lines, eCupid shows you that happiness can be the boy lying next to you. So bring your man to this one, or meet one in the theater, because this film’s packed with lots of stolen kisses.


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