Coming Out

Coming Out

94 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Lesbian, Politics, Transgender
Program: Shorts Programs

Come out early and come out often! That’s what the young people in this shorts collection are all about. Whether it’s sexuality or true gender identity, witness the humor, agony and relief in these coming out stories.

An invitation to a waltz class for basketball heartthrobs Alex and Trevor surprises everyone. Thirteen-year-old Nick can be himself working with his dad at the amusement park, but he goes on the ride of his life when both his mother and a pretty pink haired girl show up. A day out with the family takes an unexpected turn when young Alex is forced to share her secret. When a father and son can’t quite understand each other, they must find a way to meet in the middle. And just what is the right moment to come out? Joel wants to tell his parents, but it never seems to be the right time. A gay African-American teen grapples with his identity on the night President Obama was elected and Proposition 8 passed. A quiet and painfully shy sophomore, Nate is forced into artistic servitude by his overbearing half-sister until he meets Logan, an attractive and charming upperclassman.

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Family Acceptance Project

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