Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts  {Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts}

Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts
Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts

67 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Comedy, Drama, Religion / Spirituality, Sexually Explicit
Program: Shorts Programs

Does a change of taste inherently threaten relationships? Is three really a magic number? Can tea drinkers and coffee drinkers ever truly get along?

Shocking truths, believable lies, surprising gifts and hilarious revelations abound in these genre- and label-defying shorts. A young man explores his bisexuality to the point of exhaustion in The First while a couple experiences a first of their own,when a birthday present threesome might be better for the giver in Reverse Cowgirl. When a straight couple tries to emulate lesbians in Splitting Hares, they find that three is not always a magic number. In Fluid, an avid tea drinker considers sipping to the dark side, but will her community stick by her if she switches up what’s in her cup? Peer pressure loses out
when members of a Biblical study group reveal they want to thump more than just bibles in the hilarious Fox in the Snow. Can a woman enjoy a much-awaited proposal after her eyes are open to a surprising truth in Santiago Del Otro Lado?

Text Voting Codes:

The First: S542
Santiago from the other side: S615
Fluid: S543
Reverse Cowgirl: S610
The Fox in the Snow: S546
Splitting Hares: S623


Edge San Francisco

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