Fun In Boys Shorts

Fun In Boys Shorts

80 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Aging / Elders, Comedy, Drama, Gay, Musical
Program: Shorts Programs

Hunky hookers, swim suit contests, and a Gilbert & Sullivan send up are all part of this uproarious gay men’s shorts program!

52 is a gay man's nightmare about aging, starring the amazing Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall). In Drives, Carlos is about to get married, but he’s never explored his “needs” —perhaps a handsome escort can help? Topsy-turvy musical BaldGuy takes place on the streets of a Norwegian town when a son comes home to tell his parents about the guy he’s just snogged. Adorable 12-year old Greg in Franswa Sharl has inherited his father’s competitive streak, but the contest he’s trying to win isn’t the one his father had in mind. In Cold Star, a boy pushed up a diving platform by a menacing crowd gets help from a mysterious man. Robin and Orlando have a great first date, but paranoia and other problems keep “bugging” them in The Itch. Rounding out the program is Revolution, a story about a 16-year old Iranian boy in 1989 Los Angeles, who stages his own small revolution within his traditional family.

Text Voting Codes:

Drives (Pulsiones): S536
52: S503
Revolution: S611
The Itch: S573
Franswa Sharl: S547
Cold Star: S522
BaldGuy: S510
I’d Rather Be Looking at Porn: S567



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