Au Pair, Kansas

Au Pair, Kansas

USA, 2010, 94 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Death / Dying, Discrimination, Drama, Family Friendly, Gay, Homophobia, Immigration / Exile, Parenting / Family, Sports, Youth


Expected Guests: director JT O'Neal

West Coast Premiere

Oddmund Lindeflaten is a bumbling Norwegian soccer player who arrives on a small-town Kansas bison farm to work as an au pair. And the inevitable question arises: is he gay?

Oddmund’s new employer is Helen Hazelton, an uptight widow, who’s been seeing her husband’s ghost—and talking with him. Oddmund’s charges are a sullen fifteen year old, Atticus, and a shy nine year old, Beau. To draw the boys out of their shells, he gathers together a motley soccer team: Atticus’s crush, a dyke policewoman, an older chess coach, a middle school bully, a drag queen art teacher, and an art model.

With encouragement from her dreamy dead husband, Charlie, Helen is trying to move on. As details of Charlie’s life filter through, it’s clear that he tried to hide a secret gay life, but he wasn’t very successful. As a nurturing man in a conservative town, Oddmund’s motives are under constant scrutiny. When Oddmund rebuffs Helen’s advances, she finds a terrible pretense to kick him out of the house. After the police get involved, the boys rally around their au pair. Helen learns that love—in any form—is more powerful than pushing people away. Norwegian import Håvard Lilleheie is pitch perfect as Oddmund, and cult favorite Traci Lords shines as Helen in this heartwarming, small-town story.

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