The Green

The Green

USA, 2010, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Discrimination, Drama, Gay, Homophobia, Lesbian
Program: U.S. Features

DIRECTOR: Steven Williford

Sneak Preview

Expected Guests: director Steven Williford

Michael and Daniel have moved from New York City to a bucolic Connecticut town in hopes of living a simpler life. But the muggy spring weather isn’t the only oppressive thing about their new community. Michael is finding his balance as an out teacher at a private high school when his interactions with a student come into question. As he’s told, “There’s been an accusation. And that’s all that matters.”

A misunderstood encounter sets the events in motion, driven by the student’s mother and her sinister boyfriend. Are they after the truth, revenge or money? As Michael’s life unravels, he and Daniel are forced to face the suspicions of coworkers and the latent homophobia in their friends and neighbors (including indie favorite Illeana Douglas). Their lesbian civil rights lawyer, Karen (the striking Julia Ormond), is itching for a fight, and her “all in” attitude might be more than Michael is looking for. The story spins completely out of Michael’s control when his accuser disappears, making it even harder to prove the truth—whatever the truth actually is. And when Karen unearths a damaging secret about Michael that even Daniel doesn’t know, a storm of violent confrontations threatens to bring down Michael, his relationship, and the entire community.

As Michael, Jason Butler Harner walks the thin line between honesty and cagey secrecy. Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock) brings sweetness and authenticity to the role of Daniel. The audience must draw their own conclusions as the green of summer fades to fall. — TRISTA KENDALL


San Francisco Honda

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