USA, 2010, 85 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Death / Dying, Discrimination, Gay, Homophobia, Mystery / Thriller, Parenting / Family
Program: Documentaries

DIRECTORS: John Morning, Gretchen Morning

Expected Guests: directors Gretchen Morning & John Morning and subject Kathy Gilleran

West Coast Premiere

Kathy Gilleran was enjoying retirement after twenty-one years as a police officer in upstate New York when she received the worst call of her life. Her son, Aeryn, a researcher working for the United Nations in Vienna—and a former Mr. Gay Austria—has vanished. Without any information Kathy books the earliest flight she can to Austria, clinging to the hope that she’ll be greeted by her son with a warm hug.

As soon as Kathy arrives in Vienna, she realizes something is wrong, but nothing can prepare her for the insidious way her son’s case has been handled. It is immediately clear that the homophobic police have no interest in Aeryn’s case. With nothing but her determination as a mother and her experience on the force, Kathy launches her own investigation.

Kathy discovers contradictions in the evidence and faces alarming police intimidation in a cover-up for something sinister. When the U.S. government and her local contacts abandon her, Kathy is pushed to her limits in her increasingly dangerous quest for truth. But nothing can make her give up on her son. A raw emotional mystery, Gone testifies to the strength and beauty of a mother’s love.

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