Bob's New Suit

Bob's New Suit

USA, 2011, 97 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Female-to-Male, Parenting / Family, Transgender
Programs: Transgender Film Focus, U.S. Features

DIRECTOR: Alan Howard

Expected Guests: director Alan Howard

World Premiere

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of the year! For those who have been waiting for a down-to-earth family drama with a realistic trans character, this whimsical charmer delivers.

When sweet (and often shirtless) workingman Bob and longtime girlfriend Jenny finally decide to tie the knot, the timing couldn’t be worse! Bob’s sibling Stephanie is beginning the process of transitioning to Steve with the support of girlfriend Marlena (played by a femmed up Jenny Shimizu), but his mother has trouble accepting her new son. Their father Buster struggles to hide his long-buried past, and shady cousin George threatens to get them all in a world of trouble with his latest scheme. If that wasn’t enough, the whole shebang is narrated by Bob’s fine Italian suit acquired just for the wedding. Yes, that’s right, his suit (it’s not as crazy as it sounds).

Shay Astar’s nuanced performance as Steve is passionate, a true bright spot of the film. John Bennett Perry as patriarch Buster delivers a heartfelt performance as the father any guy would love to have. The deep, dark family secrets, dramatic weddings, and obnoxious relatives of typical romantic fare are turned on their heads in veteran screenwriter Alan Howard’s directorial debut.

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